Do you know what was the rant, a couple of months ago, about this picture?

Computer Vision example image

Or do you wonder how that calculates (correctly or not) your age works? If you are interested in – the read on. Read More

Why my Visual Studio zoom is at 150%?

If you happen to see my Visual Studio at my normal day work you might notice that my font is big. Is my sight that bad? And it’s not that I’m sitting 10 meters from the screen. Not at all…

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What is LuaFun?

Last time I was shortly describing LuaJIT a fast implementation of Lua Just-in-time compiler. This time lest quickly look at LuaFun library.

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Farewell BlackBerry

My blackberry is not working. When I heard those words in the BBC One show I knew there would be something funny. And indeed it was. Unfortunately as of today I need to say those words too. My BB is dead.
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What is LuaJIT?

It’s a Just-In-Time compiler for Lua. It is supported on all major platforms including: Windows, Linux and macOS. It’s been used as a scripting language in games, graphical apps, trading systems as well as in embedded devices like smartphones.

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Lua - visibility rules

The visibility of variables in Lua is a bit different than in C#. The same variable name can be used within the inner block without any naming issues. Lets see how this is in practice

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Lua - garbage collector

C programmers think memory management is too important to be left to the computer. Lisp programmers think memory management is too important to be left to the user.

Lets see what Lua programmers think on this topic. Read More

Why did I started writing everyday?

If you check my last year’s writing history and compare with this year there’s a clearly a change. In 2016 I wrote my first post in May and ended up with 24 posts. This year I’m already at half of this number and it’s not even February. Read More

Is Total Recall the best book I've read in 2017?

I know that 2017 has just started. I know that I’ve only managed to finish reading listening one book. And I know that Total Recall will be the best book that I’ve finished this year. Read More

In every program we need sometimes to control the program flow. if-statements, loops and similar structures can help with the task. Lets learn the control structures in Lua.

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