A few posts back I wrote about an Application Insights, Azure based solution for tracking application data. Yesterday I realised it has a feature that I wanted to use it even more. I think you will want to use it too.This feature is annotating VS with exception details. Just recently I’ve released a feature to dotnetomaniak.pl site that allows to display a weekly summary. Of course one assumption was incorrect an in certain time it did throw an exception. I’ve noticed that and started to fix it. You have to imagine my surprise when after opening solution in VS, near the faulty method I saw thi

and this in my editor windowscreen-shot-2016-09-26-at-21-57-25Wow! Application Insights annotate my code and showed me the places where the exceptions was thrown. Plus additionally gave a bit more insight (duh!) about them. I must say quite a handy feature. It makes me want to use the tool even more.

With such help I quickly fixed the issue. Let’s hope it’s for good :).