My blackberry is not working. When I heard those words in the BBC One show I knew there would be something funny. And indeed it was. Unfortunately as of today I need to say those words too. My BB is dead.
If you haven’t watched the show just spend few minutes and see it. It’s hilarious.

Bye bye Z10

Unfortunately my situation was not funny. I could not make it boot up for almost a day. Although some people like being disconnected from all the notifications – I don’t. At least if I don’t control when I’m disconnected. The phone was constantly turning off even being plug-in to the power supply. I’m managed to power it again but this is not very good symptom on how long it will last. I need to make some action.

The change will be hard – I was really happy with it. It just worked. I didn’t mind limited number of apps – most of what I needed was there. The funny was constant questions from people on why I choose the first time I’ve showed it. It always triggered a “why not” response. 😉

And again the problem of choosing a new one. Oh the horror. I know it won’t be BB as they switched from they own OS (which was quite good actually) to Android-based one (link). If I would go for Android (but I would not) I would choose something that already uses this OS for a longer period. It looks like I’m down to iOS as I don’t know what will happen in WindowsPhone in the future.

Even with selecting iOS it doesn’t end there. Should I pick the top-newest 7 or go for the more time-proven version 6. Having chosen that there’s an Plus vs non-plus options. Fortunately I don’t have an issue with selecting the color. Too. Many. Options.

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