It’s good to be creative, it’s good to have head full of ideas. But how to make sure you don’t run out? Everybody gets a dry spell from time to time. Here are few tips that allow you to fill you head with new concepts.

Here are few ideas to stay creative

  • talk to people – it’s always good to talk to other people. Especially if they are from different community that you. Then you get to know about things you didn’t event know might be interesting to talk about. Very refreshing for your brain.
  • learn other people problems – for example have a look at questions on StackOverflow. I know that the quality of questions there is getting lower, and lower (terribly written, without any research before, questions about compiler errors?) but there’s still few good ones that can stimulate your brain cells. Also check OpenSource projects – maybe there are bugs or issues reported that you can do. If you are new to the concept check
  • read – read and do it a lot. But maybe strive from newspapers and general information sites. Maybe check Medium but also be careful not to end up reading a lot of motivational stuff – it’s better to do things than to read about doing things. Have a look also at some social readers like – you can be inspired on what to read there as you can see what others are reading.

Of course if at some point you have the they dry period – just don’t worry. It can happen – just make sure it won’t last for a longer period of time and few days. Stay creative!

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