I know that 2017 has just started. I know that I’ve only managed to finish reading listening one book. And I know that Total Recall will be the best book that I’ve finished this year.

Total Recall – My Unbelievably True Life Story

Total Recall book

The book is quite long as the audio lasts for almost 24h or 656 pages if you prefer to actually read it. it worth every minute of your time though. It shows the life of Arnold Schwarzenegger. His early years (body-building, first-movies) and also more recent years of his career (investments, politics). Describes how he motivates himself to achieve his goals and all the stories behind his movies and businesses. There are also some really

If you want to know why he bought a 747 or why he had no issues with shooting such commercials while playing The Terminator. Or how much he was paid for those.

Or the story behind his political career you should definitely check this book.

His whole life is very inspiring story. I bet it will change what you think about Schwarzenegger whether you like the guy or not. There’s a bit on how to motivate ourselves how to invest and how to achieve anything.

So to answer the question form the title? I think it might be the best if not then definitely top 3. Highly, highly recommended.

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