Triage (/ˈtrɑːʒ/ or //trˈɑːʒ//) is the process of determining the priority of patients’ treatments based on the severity of their condition. This rations patient treatment efficiently when resources are insufficient for all to be treated immediately. The term comes from the French verb trier, meaning to separate, sift or select.[1] Triage may result in determining the order and priority of emergency treatment, the order and priority of emergency transport, or the transport destination for the patient.

If you’ve seen M.A.S.H you could see a scene where doctors try to determine which patients they should operate on. They do it in a hurry. They have only a couple of seconds to decide into what of three categories the patient should be put in.

StackOveflow also does the similar. If you have enough reputation you can access it

Triage at StackOverflow

.I find myself sometimes overcome with tasks – probably as we all are. I think, I should consider doing a preliminary triage. By doing that I can determine whether I should work on the task or not. Probably the crash in the production is more important than writing a response to the client why the production is not working. I guess I unintentionally do this process anyway but putting some more thoughts into it might only help. It’s a bit similar to GDT technique. I never really applied it to the point I would be satisfied with the results of David Allen’s way. Perhaps this will be more promising.

So what to do when the next time you will be loaded with tasks? Try to triage them and start working on the really critical ones.

The post is inspired by yesterday’s visit at ED and waiting for 5h to get medical care. Looks like we weren’t the priority there 🙂

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