Month / March 2017

Microsoft Cognitive Services - Search API

The last leg of Microsoft Cognitive Services is Search API. Lets check what we can find in this part of the API that could extend our application with intelligence. Paweł Łukasik Founder of Octal Solutions a .NET software house. Passionate dev, blogger, occasionally speaker, one of the leaders of Wroc.NET user group. Microsoft MVP. Podcaster […]

Microsoft Cognitive Services - Knowledge API

Continuing on Microsoft Cognitive API. Today lets find out about Knowledge API. In this category we can find services like: Academic Knowledge, Entity Linking, Knowledge Exploration, QnA maker and Recommendation API. Lets have a closer look at each of them. Academic Knowledge This API allows you to search through academic papers and retrieve information from […]

Visual Studio 2017 is here

Tomorrow is the launch day for Visual Studio 2017. This year marks also a 20th anniversary. Visual Studio 2017 If you are interested or a fan just go to where you can watch the live streaming of the whole event. There might be also a local event in your town so have a check at whether someone is hosting […]

We’ve already covered Vision and Speech API – now’s the turn for Language API. This part consists the most features that we could try. We can spell check with Bing, use Language Understanding Intelligence Service (LUIS) for understanding the commands from the users, or analyse the text with Linguistic Analytics API. What is also available […]