Tomorrow is the launch day for Visual Studio 2017. This year marks also a 20th anniversary.Visual Studio 2017 launch event

Visual Studio 2017

If you are interested or a fan just go to where you can watch the live streaming of the whole event. There might be also a local event in your town so have a check at whether someone is hosting the event near you and go there. You will not only find out about Visual Studio but also meet great people there.

If you happen to live in Wrocław, we do also have a local event here that you can visit. Check the meetup page for more details. If you can’t attend, or there it’s already fully booked – don’t worry, it should be recorded.

My contribution to this event will be to present how Visual Studio was before it entered the .NET phase. I’ve started with the tools with the 6.0 version and to be honest, I had the mixed feelings about it.

We came from this…

Visual Studio 6.0

…to this

Visual Studio 2017

A lot has change along the way. Happy birthday Visual Studio!

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