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I deal a lot with communities. It started very early. As a teenager I was promoted to a moderator function on one of the online forums – (anyone recognizes the name?). Currently I deal with online community ( as well as online/offline – As I wanted to learn more and more about communities I […]

For the last two days I was attending the .NET Developers Poland conference in Warsaw. It was my first time at this conference (I was there as a media patronage from and due to the fact that this year I’ve attend a lot of different sort of conferences (considering my usual average of 1/yr) I’ve decided to write short review […]

The very first dev-warsztaty in Wrocław are over. Time to do some post-mortem analysis :). There a few lessons learnt (at least for me) from it. There’s a little story that goes like this… This is a little story about four people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody. There was an important job to be […]

Tomorrow is a very special day. Tomorrow we start something new in Wrocław. What would that be? Read on. Paweł Łukasik Founder of Octal Solutions a .NET software house. Passionate dev, blogger, occasionally speaker, one of the leaders of Wroc.NET user group. Microsoft MVP. Podcaster –

I don’t like to write about conferences. The opinions about them are highly subjective and they are valid for a very short time. I also don’t like to write my opinions about the sessions (in some rare cases I do write them anyway). And yet here I’m writing about #programistok 2016. Why? Paweł Łukasik Founder of […]