Even the best technology is not worth much if there are no applications that uses it. The same goes with Microsoft Cognitive Services.

Here is the list of few websites or apps that uses Cognitive Services. Let’s see if this technology is already getting adoption.




Is a nice little website that allows you to use predefined or upload your own photo and estimate the age of the person on it. It’s build on top of Cognitive Services and of course sometimes it gets your age wrong 🙂

cognitive services application in use


Selfie to enhance security? You might not think about it, but Uber uses Face API to verify the identity of its drivers. Take a selfie and confirm your identity before you can drive. Innovative way to use selfie.

Video Breakdown

Video is great medium to deliver content to users but it’s hard to extract more information from the frames. With the Video Breakdown tool you can get the meaning before you decide whether it’s worth your time to watch it.


Similar to social media monitoring tools like Brand24 but they also analyse your images. With Microsoft Cognitive Services underneath they can extract more information than from just the text you write on your social profiles.

Wearable Glasses for the Visually-Impaired

Do you remember Terminator 2 bar scene, when T-800 scans the environment and additional information? Well with Wearable Glasses it might be possible in a near future. For now it can be used for people who are visually impaired to get additional information about what’s in front of them.

Some more applications of Cognitive Services you can find at https://www.microsoft.com/cognitive-services/en-us/applications. There’s a lot of silly apps that doesn’t have real business value but with more and more like WIZR or Uber’s, more and more will adopt Cognitive Services.

Are you using any of the apps that are enhanced with cognitive services? What is your favourite one?