Did you ever wondered what it would be like if you are not limited to static Main(string[] args) as your entrypoint? Did you ever wanted more freedom over where your app starts? Actually you can have that.1b74ag Read More

Did you ever needed to modify the source code to return some value for the testing purpose? Or you needed to alter the code as so to stimulate some flow? If your answer is yes then I guess you also forgot (from time to time) to revert your change back and such temporary fix went into to repository. If you want to prevent those keep reading

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Everyone knows how to enhance Visual Studio’s debugging experience by applying DebuggerDisplay attribute (in polish). If not – read Piotr’s post here. That’s debugging 101. Here’s how to improve your experience even more. Read More

CIL/IL is the intermediary language that is behind every .NET code you write. You might not know it, you might not be aware that it’s there but once you know it you will like it (or not :)). But to truly get to know it you need to have the tools to play with it.
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Data! Data! Data! I can’t make bricks without clay!
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

I like gathering data of all kind. Financial, personal and technical one. But gathering data just for the sake of doing it makes no sense. We need to analyse it. There are tools for all kind of data gathering and post-processing but I always like to take a peek what’s new and shiny (though it doesn’t mean I rush to using it in production). Read More


Wczoraj miałem przyjemność porozmawiać trochę o ILu w odcinku podcastu zatytułowanego devReview. Jeśli chcecie posłuchać trochę o “wspólnym języku pośrednim” zapraszam was do jego wysłuchania:


Gdybyście mieli jakieś pytania to piszcie śmiało – tutaj, bądź na stronie podcastu.
Miłego słuchania!

If you happen to do some WPF development you could have noticed that quite recently (I believe it was w/ Update 3) Visual Studio has added a small box at the top of your app to should you the available options for visual tree selection and manipulation.
It looks like this:

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 09.27.22

It gets trickier when you already use some other tool. I was using XamlSpy for a long time before this new feature was introduced and both tools occupy the same place on the window so was I see both tools overlay each other.


Fortunately there is a way to turn this damn helper off. Just use Live Visual Tree and uncheck the first icon. Even better you can turn it on/off during runtime. So you can decide whether you want this tool or not w/o the need of restarting your app.

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 09.41.25

The same can be achieved by unchecking the ‘Show runtime tool in application’ in the Debugging options as shown on the last screenshot.

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 09.42.43




Happy WPFing.

It all started with simple words like this: “Hey, we have some beacons here and there is this cool technology that allows us to write single code and build native apps for each platform: Android, iOS and Windows; lets do something with it”. So after a brief brainstorm we figured out that we could place beacons in each room in the office and by detecting them with smartphones we could know who is where.
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Yesterday, I was one of the panelist at grillrb.com conference. The panel title was Similarities, differences and possible idea transfers between ASP.NET, Django and Ruby on Rails (in Polish: ‘Podobieństwa, różnice oraz możliwości transferu rozwiązań pomiędzy technologiami ASP.NET, Django oraz Ruby on Rails’). We had a nice, friendly discussion – no one got hurt ;). I think I gave reasonable answers (but if you saw me speaking – please give me feedback – thanks) and put some good insights into the discussion.
But in one of the topic that was titled: the weakest part of the framework (but a bit better translation would be: the biggest disadvantage of framework; in Polish: ‘najsłabsza strona frameworka’) and in case of ASP.NET the first reaction, even from the audience, was: it’s ‘Microsoft’. Of course I strongly disagreed 😉 but I did not wanted to go with full explanations about that during the panel – but I fell quite motivated to do it here. Read More

Big Visual Studio solutions are a nightmare. The clog up the PC, make it difficult to navigate and are hard to maintain. If you are dealing with big solutions in your daily work you should try Funnel extensionRead More