This is a usual time of the year for summaries so let’s keep the tradition alive and write one. Here’s my 2017 achievements split between months.


  • Blogging for 18 days straight – nothing near gutek’s achievement (whole year!) but still a nice streak
  • Microsoft MVP title (thx Konrad Kokosa for pointing this one ;))



  • OstraPila has started – Me & Jarosław Stadnicki have started a podcast – after 9 months. We have recorded 20 episodes  and almost 10k downloads. A nice start.
  • Cognitive Services talk at Wroclawska Grupa .NET – slides can be found here
  • Short ‘VS over the years’ talk at Make Sense in IT – slides can be found here



  • Simon was born! Not a professional achievement but the most important one!


  • Debugging & diagnostics series – I’ve started recording some YT videos about debugging. Still some more to go but a nice start.
  • 100th WrocNet meeting – When I’ve joined & took over the group leadership in 2010 I did not expect that we will hit that mark. Wow. Nice accomplishment.
  • Wroc# Online – Microsoft Cognitive Services talk


  • C# 7.0 features article for ProgramistaMag – I’ve finished writing in July but it published in September.


  • C# 7.0 – course. First try at creating and publishing a course.


  • Looks like I did not anything interesting in September 😉



  • Again, November was quite boring.


Apart from that?
Monthly WrocNet meetings that I help organising, preparing devWarsztaty – Wroclaw’s edition as well as managing daily activities for Quite a nice year.